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Anonymous: What's your snapchat?

Colette braseth

Anonymous: Sorry if I missed this but you had a Range Rover and you said you sold it because you didn't need a car in college. Now you got another one? What made you decide you actually did need a car? Lucky girl! :)

Ahhh I just need one in la

Anonymous: does this mean you have two cars now or do you just have this one range rover? did u keep your land rover?

Omg stop with the questions about this!!

Anonymous: how are you so beautiful.... like wow

What aw :)

Anonymous: LOL u got a range rover? for college? omg

what? I had one in high school

Anonymous: What's your snapchat

Colette braseth

Anonymous: Do you have a big sis yet??

Not yet!

Anonymous: Do you think ur ex boyfriend is attractive?


Anonymous: Do you really appreciate bebe shark?

What do you mean??? I like her a lot yes :))

Anonymous: How tall are you? You re perfect

Omg no but thank u :) I’m 5’8 something

Anonymous: Love you❤️

Love you more xx