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suspnd: i know youre taking a break and all but i hope youre enjoying college! youre a real inspiration :)

Thank you :) I am!! You’re sweet

Anonymous: I honestly believe you are one of the most amazing people to go to Bellevue high school. First and foremost you are so kind and outstandingly gorgeous which is hard to find. I love how you're not afraid to step out of the box. You're not afraid to share beliefs despite what everyone else thinks. You're going to go so far in whatever path you shall take! I wish more "popular" people at bhs were more like you.. It'd really make a difference.

I know I said I was done with tumblr but I had to reply to this. This is the kindest message I have ever gotten on here… You just made me feel so great about myself— you’re an amazing person too so please don’t ever change either :)

Anonymous: ... You've truly made a difference in my perspectives of people. You are incredible Colette. I hope college does you well and wherever the future takes you. I hope you continue to make a difference with your beautiful words. You are one of kind.. Even though you didn't really know me because I was an underclass men, I admire you in ways you will never know (hope that didn't sound creepy hahahah) you're just so different from many Bellevue girls and I LOVE THAT.. Don't ever change that



i love you but you keep on pushing me away that i’m starting to get tired of it

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Bye <3 

I am not going to answer questions for a while because my tumblr is causing me way too many problems in college already. I might even shut it down for good. I find it very strange that one of my followers would actually pose as me on a greek website and try and sabotage me. The only post that I posted was the one defending myself— none of the others are me. I love using tumblr as a past time in the summer and I love giving advice about college apps/relationships/fashion but it isn’t something I have ever really taken that seriously and it is last on my list of priorities. I don’t find it worth it to keep having this blog if some people are only visiting my blog with ill-intentions. So goodbye y’all <3 I will try to answer the rest of your questions at some point in time. xo 

Anonymous: What worked best for you when studying for the ACT and what would you recommend ??

I didn’t really study I just took the ACT every single saturday morning the entire summer before I took it. Its really just practice and getting the timing down. The only thing you may have to tackle is the science portion.

Anonymous: How much scholarships did you get from each school you applied to?

I only got a few merit scholarships. From USD, Santa Clara, Chapman, WSU, can’t remember the others that might be it. I didn’t get one at USC 

Anonymous: I can't believe how perfect you are! So smart and beautiful. Definitely my role model :)

Thank you this is sweet