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Anonymous: Heard that you're a KKG now, congrats! Do you know Grace Morton, Berenice Briet and Natalie Jackson? They're really nice :) Hope you're having fun <3

I know Berenice and Natalie. Idk a grace but thanks!

Anonymous: what's your current major?


Anonymous: what would you say definitely helped you get the bid into kkg

I was just myself.. Like I didn’t dress differently than I normally do… Lots of people think they need to dress super conservatively but that’s not my style so I just wore like fashionable clothes. I also was friendly/confident and just had normal not awkward conversations. It was definitely a two way thing though like I just connected with the girls at kkg more than others

Anonymous: Did you pick KKG because it's the no. 1 sorority at USC in terms of ranking? I know that a lot of girls aim for KKG, DG and Theta because they're supposedly the top tier sororities. Not trying to be rude, just curious.

I think that’s part of the reason most girls aim for it… It’s a combination of things. Like yeah, kkg is known as the #1 house but honestly I also just felt like I connected best with them

Anonymous: What was your top choice for college (dream school)? Like the one you would have picked over USC if you had gotten into all the schools you applied to.

USC was my dream school I wouldn’t have picked anything over it no joke

Anonymous: i go to USC too and i think i saw you at taper hall, you looked gorgeous haha :)

Really?? Thank you! What is taper hall

Anonymous: what are your thoughts on mcgill? i think i want to make it my first choice since i myself are from canada. was it hard to get into? what do they look for

I know it’s considered like the “Harvard of Canada” but it didn’t seem too hard to get into… But maybe that’s cause I’m from the us? Idk.. Ask someone there I don’t know too much about it

Anonymous: I'm so curious how do you have an amazing body??? Like do you workout a ton or eat right or are just naturally lucky like that haha

Ummm I eat a normal amount and I exercise maybe once a month lol so idk

Anonymous: Do you think it is worth it to transfer after freshman year of college. I'm planning on trying to transfer to USC or another public school like UVA but is it worth it?

Yes especially since USC has spring admits so lots of sophomores are rushing/are relatively new too

Anonymous: What are your thoughts on western washington u like any tips for applying? Please answer it's my top school and I really need some advice

It’s not too hard to get into. I’d say just make an effort- tour, ask questions, send emails… If your gpa is within the range you should get in but don’t be too set on one school

Anonymous: R you going to make a new instagram? Love to see pics of u at USC and stuff :)

Yes I think so

Anonymous: :) where did you pref ?

Kappa was my #1 and Pi Beta Phi was my #2 :)

quakecitybitch: Can I get a promo?

What is that exactly?

Anonymous: kkg is tight w the guys on the usc football team haha

I didn’t know that! really?


I love you more!!